Kuwait Shia & Sunni Muslims Prayed Together to Observe Unity

UnityThe bombing attack at a Shia mosque in Friday prayers last week in Kuwait City resulted in exemplary unity among the Shia and Sunni brethren in Kuwait. This Friday prayer was offered in the mosque by Sunni and Shia Muslims together. Which depicted unity amongst the Ummah and respect for each other. The suicidal bombing was carried out by a Saudi citizen and backed by the Extremist ISIS.

People from all the corners of the world condemned this cowardly act of the extremists. The Kuwaitis in fact became more united and strong as a result. The Friday prayers this Friday was attended by Sunni and Shia Muslims together as the security throughout the country was also beefed up, hundreds got arrested from around Kuwait in the pre Friday operation to ensure security. Shia Muslims account for a considerable amount of the population of Kuwait but Kuwait didn’t faced any such sectarian problems as compared to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The clerics from both sides along with elders are paying special emphasis on unity and harmony amongst themselves to defeat the enemy and its evil schemes. Facebook and Twitter were also used positively in Kuwait, Hashtag ‘#onerank’ was used thousands of times after the blast in the mosque. Around 27 Muslims were martyred in the attack and 270+ were injured.


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