Kuwait Program at Sciences Po (KSP) provides masters scholarship in France

Kuwait foundation for the advancement of sciences (KFAS) and sciences PO are now providing the students of KSP with an excellence scholarship for the graduated students.

Scholarships program is for masters students and is open for all nationalities. A two year duration scholarship program is offered in which an amount (up to 20,000 Euros total) will be given to the students on fulfilling the condition that are required for scholarship. Various scholarships will be given on a competitive basis which covers the tuition fees from 2014-2015. Every receiver will be given 10,000 euro per year.

The scholarship is offered in master’s degree that includes the subjects of international Energy with special emphasis on the study of Arab world, concentration in Middle East studies and study on the gulf region.

The scholarship is provided to get a masters degree in PSIA (Paris School of International Affairs of Science Po. While the scholarship will be provided by KFAS.

The admission campaign has been started since October 2013 students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Results will be announced in May 2014.

The benefits that would be provided in the KPS Excellence scholarship is that those candidates who will fulfill the scholarship requirements will get and award of 10,000 euro per year.

Eligibility criteria are as following:

  • Applicant can be of any nationality.
  • The students that are admitted at PSIA’s scholarship program and has enrolled for a subject now cannot apply for other subjects (i.e those students would not be eligible who apply for dual degree).

The candidate is required to first submit an application to the Sciences po and make sure it’s successfully submitted and then can send an application at KSP excellence scholarship.
It is a best chance for the students of Pakistan who are willing to go abroad and complete their master’s degree can now apply for the KPS Excellence scholarship program.

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