Kumrat Valley Location, Weather & Hotel Details

If you are planning a vacation and want to explore one place with mountains, rivers and forests then Kumrat Valley is the place for you. It provides a beautiful scenic view with a welcoming weather and affordable hotels.

Like many other tourism spots it is also located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan which is known for its natural beauty.


Summer is the best time to visit wadi e Kumrat to enjoy the complete beauty of this place. Because During summer the average temperature is 20°C while the nights are colder.

Due to the alpine climate even the summers are cold which makes it among the best destinations to enjoy your summer. It also gets monsoon rains which vary between 100 mm to 250 mm.

During winter the temperature can drop to even -10°C after receiving snow fall of up to 10 ft. Though the snow covered forest, mountains and the frozen river is a magnificent view but lack of facilities by government makes the journey to Kumrat difficult.

Tourists can visit Kumrat valley during April-September during which June to August are considered the peak period when thousands of people visit this beautiful valley.

What To Do in Kumrat Valley?

Kumrat offers you many opportunities to spend quality time in the valley such as:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Bonfire
  • Trout fishing
  • Rafting

The best thing which you can do is trekking and hiking in the forests, on the mountains, towards glacier or to the lake. This can be the most amazing, mesmerizing and captivating hiking you would have ever experienced.

Fishing trout and then cooking them on woods while enjoying your favourite music can be another great experience.

Bonfire during the nights or just observing the stars or our milky way in Kumrat Valley can also be an amazing experience.

If you bring your raft then you can also enjoy white river rafting in river Panjkora which will make this trip more memorable.

You can also try trekking from Do Kala Chasma towards the beautiful Katora Lake which is situated on the upper part of Kumrat Valley.

There are many amazing waterfalls in Kumrat Valley which are just magnificent.

Just sitting there and enjoying a cup of tea makes the journey worth it.

Even playing some sports in Jahaz Banda Meadows will be a onetime experience which you will never forget.

Every place in the valley is perfect for taking pics and photographs to save the memories of this amazing journey.

Hotels & Restaurants:

Kumrat Valley is just becoming a popular destination for travelers which means currently there are only few hotels and restaurants available such as Hotel Green Hills which is located in Main Bazar of Thall which is the gateway to Kumrat.

Sarina Tent Hotel provides tents on rent for tourists in Kumrat Valley, so if you don’t have the camping material then don’t worry as you can get them after a fair bargain.

For booking and rates you can contact the owners at these phone numbers:
Hotel Green Hills: +92 320 9898216
Sarina Tent Hotel: +92 320 3722191, +92 944 737809

Biscuits, cold drinks, tea, snacks, mineral water and food are all available in Thall. During peaks season these things are also available in Kumrat Valley but to enjoy the stay you should try cooking your own food.

Purchasing a goat from a local villager and enjoying traditional barbeque or fishing and cooking it will be an amazing experience.

Location & Map:

This beautiful Kumrat Valley is located in Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the last border of Dir Kohistan where many small villages are situated.  

You can reach Kumrat Valley by driving through Dir Chitral Road to reach Sweet Water Dir Upper and then head towards Kalkot and then Thall, the next stop after Thall is Kumrat Valley.

Check this Google map to know the exact location:

The roads are not in a good shape which means you can reach only through 4 wheelers, jeeps are available for rent.

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