KSA Magnified Difficulty for Pakistanis to Get Visa

Islamabad: The Saudi government had increased difficulties for Pakistanis to get a Saudi visa. As we see the previous records Pakistanis were the fastest growing population in Saudi Arabia. Due to lack of job opportunities for skilled labors in Pakistan most of the people were migrating to countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, U.K, U.S etc.

Due to the increasing population of Pakistanis in the land of KSA and illegal living residents the Saudi government had decided to increase steps for the issuance of visa to Pakistanis. For the completion of this process government of Saudi Arabia had asked for help from a private company on which the company agreed.

The Saudi embassy members of in Pakistan had said that the procedure to issue a visa of Saudi Arabia to new going Pakistanis has been changed. Their application for visa will only be taken after a complete body scan and taking fingerprints of the applicants. They also remarked that help has been gained from a private company for the procedure. He also added that offices of that company had been established in the capitals of all the four provinces of Pakistan.

The implementation of this process will begin from 25th of November 2013 and all the applications will only be accepted after one has completed and passed through all those procedures. In future visa application for Hajj and Ummrah will also be accepted on basis of the new procedure due to which many Pakistani citizens may not be able to Saudi Arabia.

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