KMC: Performance In Karachi

Sindh Minister for Local Government Jam Khan Shoro has said that our complete attention is on development of Karachi.  Jam Khan Shoro has issued order and grant for development work in Karachi. Golimar underpass at Nazimabad and Green Line project was stopped due to financial crisis. But now work has been started and it will be completed within few months.

Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) like other government departments hired incompetent employees (political appointments) and that too in large number. Jam Khan Shoro while addressing a press conference told that due to carelessness of KMC employees  and shortage of resources garbage is lying everywhere.

“Sindh government has released sufficient funds for three water projects including K-4. Tender will be issued for these projects and work will start soon.  One machine has been installed in Hub Dam” he said in a statement.

KMC official told that some inefficient employees will be terminated. Those employees who are working properly should be promoted.

By Talha Pasha

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