KIPCO: Job & Career Opportunity in Kuwait Company

KIPCO logoThe Kuwait Projects Company or KIPCO is the investment holding company of the Middle East and South Africa. It is headquartered in Kuwait city, as KIPCO tower. KIPCO owns over 70 companies operating across 26 countries and requires lots of staff for it, so they offer a career opportunity for both people from inside and outside of Kuwait.

KIPCO offers jobs in different sectors of finance, accounting, management and other related works. Currently the company has the assets of US$ 31.4 billion founded in 1975. Services they offer are Commercial Banking, AMIB, Insurance, real estate, Industrial, Investment, Media and Technology.

Currently KIPCO have the market value of 117.8 million dollars with the total assets of 252 million dollars. Number of employees are working in the KIPCO is 12,000 and the company is proving them basic benefits with good salary.

Major shear holder of the company is Al-Futtooh Holding Company (AFH) which holds 44.7% shears of the KIPCO Company.

For the purpose of the more details about the company visit their webpage.

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