Khanewal Bedouins Alleged for Eating & Selling Dog

Bedouins CampIn the previous articles, we have discussed controversial feed ingredient for imported poultry meat and reported the Chinese media saying that McDonalds is serving Haram and expired meat In Pakistan. Now a group of Bedouins allegedly selling and eating dog meat has been revealed in Khanewal. According to the media reports, Bedouins have made camps near Bherwala Phatak, in Basti Shikarpur, just close to Motorway Pull, Khanewal. Few days ago, people have caught a Bedouin red handed while taking a pet dog with him from nearby area. Last year, we have also identified possibility of dead donkey meat is supplied in different cities of Pakistan.

People who have caught Bedouin while stealing pet dog, beats him badly and asked the reason behind this. When Bedouin didn’t give valid answers, people leaved him and decided to follow him in order to get reason. After some days, people saw hanged skin of dog on wire near camps of Bedouins. When Bedouins living in those camps find that people have caught them, they leaved these camps and ran away.

People living in nearby area have said that these Bedouins were involved in selling and eating dog meat and its skin, while one man also claimed that few dogs have been also recovered from these camps.


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