How to Keep Your Videos/Photo Secret in Android Mobile

If you desire to keep your videos/photos Private on Android? Android is the most helpful and most well-liked Platform these days. Most Android users would like to maintain save and private their data from others. To maintain your files safe and concealed in your phone, you might require a protected folder with a password, so no one would be able to enter them without the right password. This is probable an external Android app called Keep Safe.

How to Download and Use KeepSafe Application

  • First look for the KeepSafe App from the Android Market
  • Install App on Your smartphone this is free of charge and confirmed app by Google Play Store.
  • After Installation, you would watch a Screen, where you would go in 4 Digit Pin and press OK.
  • Then you would be a Redirect on a New page there you have to set a Hint, when if you forgot your Password then Hint would Help you, and you would be able to permit a Pin reminder there.
  • Now enter your Email Address to confirm it.


If you don’t need to use a pin then select “No” to skip it.

Conceal videos and photos with Keepsafe.

  • Now after the entire upper process, your KeepSafe application is prepared for use.
  •  Goto Home ==> Then your smartphone’s gallery
  • Now select on photos or videos which you would like to private/hide.
  • Then select on the ‘Share’ button, and from the selection, select ‘Keep safe’.
  • That’s it now no one watches your private videos and photos without giving pin.
  • How to unhide photos and videos:
  • To unhide your files from keepsafe.
  •  Open your keepsafe Gallery.
  • Select photos and videos which you would like to unhide.
  • And select on ‘Unhide’

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