Keenjhar Lake Research and Karachi Water Issue

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is looking for report regarding water reservoir for K IV project. This research task was given to NED University by Managing Director (MD) KWSB Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi. In which they will analyze Keenjhar Lake space for water storage. Around 75 senior professors and more than 115 final year students will perform their role in this project. They will submit their report after investigation.

680 millions of gallons per Day (MGD) will  transfer into Keenjhar Lake in the following faces.

  • First phase 260 MGD
  • Second phase 260 MGD
  • Third phase 160 MGD

Already KWSB supplies 550 MGD water from Keenjhar Lake into Karachi.

  • Importance OF Keenjhar Lake For The Public Of Karachi

Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi told that it is one the much needed project and it can be provide 65 crore gallons water on daily basis for karachities. This project was announced around 10 years ago but it has been delayed due to political reasons.

  • Audit Should Be Conducted For The Betterment Of Dhabajee

MD KWSB requested from Vice Chancellor of NED to check Dhabajee pumping station energy sector and conduct audit from July 2010 to June 2017.

By Talha Pasha

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