Karachi To Quetta Bus Tickets Price & Fare For 2020

Karachi to Quetta Bus

Each year thousands of people travel from Karachi to Quetta and vice versa to visit their family members, relatives or for business trips.To facilitate these passengers multiple services are working which offer different services with low to high ticket price and fare.

Al-Munir’s Super International provides the most luxurious services from Quetta to Karachi. They offer sleeper bus service between these two cities. The bus starts the journey at 9 AM from Quetta and reaches the destination at 5:30 PM.

The ticket prices for Al-Munir’s Super International Sleeper Bus in 2020 is Rs. 3,000 which is not much expensive than other luxurious services. For booking you can contact at 0812445572.


Another premium service for these two cities was Daewoo Express which has established a wide network across Pakistan. It is known for its modern and well maintained fleet, state of the art terminals and great service.

Previously each day multiple buses left from their Karachi Terminal which is located at Sohrab Goth near New Bus Terminal. The ticket prices were also affordable but later the service was closed.

There are many other local transports which also offer transportation between these cities such as J.J Movers which also provide service on the route from Quetta to Karachi.

J J Movers buses

The fares of J.J Movers are more affordable than Al-Munir, you can book your tickets on phone by contacting at 0317-8170001.

Al-Muneer Relaxer

Another transportation service is known as Al-Muneer Relaxer which can be used by passengers. Their fleet is limited but consists of advanced and comfortable buses.

At New Karachi Bus Terminal there are dozens of other services which provide service from Karachi to Quetta on different timings.

Such as Abdali Travels, Al-Saif Daewoo, Al-Mehmood, A K Movers, Super Makhtar, Al-Imdad, Al-Habib, Super Sada Bahar, Al-Sarwary Daewoo Express, Al-Saif & New Shandar.

Other services such as Faisal Movers Karachi & Bilal Travels also have offices at the New Karachi Bus Terminal.

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