Karachi to Peshawar Train Ticket Price & Timings

khyber Mail Express

If you want to travel from Karachi to Peshawar then there are many train services which provide luxurious service on the route daily at affordable ticket price different timings.

Previously the journey took more than 33 hours but now Pakistan Railways introduced new service reducing the journey to 27 hours.

Rehman Baba Express:

Rehman Baba Express train provides service from Karachi to Peshawar at the shortest duration of just 27 hours while other services take much more time due to greater number of stops and stations.

It provides two classes which are economy and AC Business which makes it an affordable service for all, those who want to travel at minimum cost or those who want to enjoy a comfortable & luxurious service.

Ticket prices for Rehman Baba from Karachi to Peshawar & vice versa are:
AC Business = Rs. 6,250
Economy = Rs. 1,700

From Karachi the train departs at 10 AM and reaches its destination at 1 PM, while from Peshawar it departs at 11 AM and reaches the destination at 1:10 PM.

Khyber Mail:

Khyber Mail is one of the most renowned train services in Pakistan which is running since 1947. It provides four different service for which the ticket fares are as follows:

AC Sleeper = Rs.  7,900
AC Business = Rs. 5,500
AC Lower/Standard = Rs. 4,500
Economy = Rs. 1,800

The departure timing from Karachi is 10:15 PM and from Peshawar the timing is 10 PM, it reaches the destination after a journey of more than 31 hours through 43 stations.

Awam Express:

Awam Express is another train service which provides service from Karachi to Peshawar with fares as follows:

AC Lower/Standard = Rs. 4,500
Economy = Rs.  1,800

It departs from Karachi daily at 7 AM and after 34 hours journey through 59 stops it reaches provincial capital of Peshawar at 4:55 PM. From Peshawar the departure timing is 8:15 AM and it reaches the destination at 6:15 PM.

Khushhal Khan Khattak:

It is a economy train service which provides transportation at affordable price between the two cities, with daily departures at 8:20 PM and 5 PM from Karachi and Peshawar respectively. It takes 35 hours and 40 minutes to complete the journey which includes 42 stops.

The ticket price for Khushhal Khan Khattak is Rs. 1,550 for berth and Rs. 1450 for seat.

Currently no other train service provides transportation on this route and these are the only four available option for travelling through train.

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