Jobs Open At Petro Rabigh in Saudia Arabia

petro-rabiq-jobsSaudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical commenced the Petro Rabigh development with the plan of building incorporated oil refining and petrochemical operations by way of improvement Saudi Aramco’s oil refinery and making a new petrochemical complex. A joint business enterprise agreement was signed between Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical in August 2005 and Petro Rabigh was formed, an equally owned joint business enterprise to take the Rabigh complex, A total of 4.5 million Saudi citizens participated in the IPO process, covering the share value by 5 folds.

Petro Rabigh is looking forward to our new hires to meet extremely demanding standards, in terms of both experience and qualifications. They also provide wide career opportunities, in professional disciplines. Petro rabigh is the important petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia. Petro Rabigh for its 2nd stage of growth now intends to employ the following professionals.


Filed Operator JRE38978
Console Operator JRE38979
Shift Supervisor JRE38981

Tank Farm

Filed Operator JRE39014
Console Operator JRE38982
Shift Supervisor JRE38983


Filed Operator JRE39010
Console Operator JRE38984
Shift Supervisor JRE38985
Filed Operator JRE39011
Console Operator JRE38987


Filed Operator JRE39012
Console Operator JRE38988
Shift Supervisor JRE38989


Filed Operator JRE39009
Console Operator JRE38993
Shift Supervisor JRE38995


Filed Operator JRE39009
Console Operator JRE38993
Shift Supervisor JRE38995


Filed Operator JRE38999
Shift Supervisor JRE39005
Console Operator JRE39002


Filed Operator JRE39008

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Requirement & Qualification

Flied Operator  : Minimum 7 year Experience within operation

Console Operator  : Minimum 8 year Experience within operation

Shift  Operator  : Minimum 12 year Experience within operation

Minimum Qualification  for Operator is High School Diploma

[alert-success]Note: Please mail your CV to Above respective Email IDs, Mentioning Department ,Position &  JRE #  on the Mail Subject line [/alert-success]

Address :  Jeery Varghees Globel ,P.O Box 23343,20th Floor Teffany Tower W2-Jumeirha Lake Tower , Dubai ,UAE,

Tel: +971-04-4550400


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