Jobs In Qatar For FIFA World Cup 2022 – Pakistan Govt Doing Nothing

World Cup 2022Football is the most popular game in the world with having its fans all over the world. The biggest event of this game is FIFA World Cup which is organized after every 4 years and the organizer of FIFA World Cup 2022 is Qatar. Qatar had started its preparation last year and will start to build the infrastructure in 2016. According to the sources, Qatar will require around 10 lac or 1 million workers from abroad and many countries are showing their interest to export workforce. But Pakistani Government is not doing anything to avail this opportunity and export their workforce.

The expert for the affairs of overseas Pakistanis and Ex Senator, Anwar Baig had visited Qatar few days ago and said that the Pakistani Government is totally unaware of this opportunity. While Philippine Government had announced that they have got around 94 thousand visa’s for their workers. Anwar Baig also said that it is the best opportunity for Pakistan to send their 2 lac workers for this event by using their brotherhood relations with Qatar.

It is to be noted that the average of Pakistani nationals working in Qatar is very low as compared to India, Bangladesh and Philippine workers. Therefore, the Government of Pakistan should contact the authorities of Qatar and show their interest for this purpose.

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