Jinnah Express Train Interior, Facilities & Review

Jinnah Express is a luxurious train of Pakistan Railways which offers state of the art facilities at reasonable rates & price. This is a review of Jinnah Express with complete details about facilities and interior.

In this review you will know how the design, timing and other aspects make Jinnah Express makes a great option for travelling between Karachi & Lahore.

Interior Design:

The interior design of Jinnah Express is similar to Green Line which also travels on the same route. Each compartment has capacity of 6 people, 3 on both sides. The middle bed is foldable which can be opened when all three passengers want to sleep.

Clean pillow and sheets are available for each passenger, the compartment also have space for some bags and luggage of passengers. Dustbin, LED TV and mobile charging all options are available within the compartment.


It is a luxurious train and provides all facilities that are required during travelling such as:

  • Television
  • WiFi Internet
  • 2 meals (breakfast & dinner)
  • Mobile charge
  • Clean drinking water

The complimentary dinner includes multiple food items such as biryani, daal, chicken and which are served along with soft drink, halwa and raita. Tea is also served twice once during the evening along with refreshment such as sandwich and then on next morning with breakfast.

Complimentary kit is also given on the train which includes brush, toothpaste, comb, wet tissue, razor and shoe mitt.

Dining Cabin:

Jinnah Express also includes a dining cabin where different foods are available for passengers. It’s a train restaurant where passengers can sit along with their friends and family members and enjoy food other than the complimentary.


One of the first features which make Jinnah Express unique is that it covers the distance between Karachi & Lahore with minimum possible time. It also stops at the least number of stations during the journey.

The departure and arrival timing of Jinnah Express from Karachi to Lahore are 3 PM and reaches at 7:30 AM.

From Lahore the departure timing is 2:30 PM and reaches the destination at 7 AM, which means it takes 16 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance.

Passengers Review:

Many passengers who travelled on Jinnah Express appreciated the service of the train. One such passenger Khalid Aleem said that the train speed and quality of food as well as WiFi facility made his journey memorable.

Another passenger Baqir who travelled on the train appreciated the way the staff treats passengers in Jinnah Express which he said was different from other train services.

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