Iztuzu Beach A Popular Holiday Destination & Residence of Loggerhead Turtles

iztuzu_beachIztuzu beach which is a narrow strip of land is present in the Southwestern part of Turkey in the Orctaca District. The beach is famous owing to its features. The narrow strip of land which is the beech itself serves as a barrier separating the salty water of Mediterranean from the fresh water present in the delta formed by the Dalyan River. Another reason because of which this beach has gained International fame is the presence of specific kind of Turtles which have been declared as endangered species.

Iztuzu beach is home ground to the endangered species of ‘Loggerhead Sea Turtles’ which is a reason this beach is known as Turtle beach as well. The beach forms the part of the environmentally protected area. Although there were plans to develop the beautiful beach for the purpose of promoting tourism. The early plans included to build a big named hotel in the area with the financial partnership of German Firm the plan later on changed owing to protests in Turkey and in Germany as well. Allegedly the plan would result in problems for the endangered species of the turtles.

The beach is open for Public although restrictions are imposed to make sure that the habitat of turtles is not disturbed the Local Government till now has successfully catered to the issue of taking care of the endangered turtles. The beach is worth visiting just do make sure that you abide by the instructions when you visit.

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