Irish Non-Muslims Boycott Israeli Products

israelThe Zionist forces are still engaged in slaughter of innocent children, while the Muslim world stands silent over the cruel massacre of the children. But astonishingly, the residents of a village in Ireland have expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians by boycotting all Israeli products. These non-muslim traders, chemists and hotel owners of a village named Kenwara have refused to accept all the Israeli products.

These people are the members of a non-governmental organization, IPSC, created to support the Palestinians.  The coordinator of IPSC, Kevin Squares said that they want to peacefully pressurize Israel to withdraw their forces from Gaza. Wiki Doneli, also a member of IPSC, said that they were deeply disgraced when the Irish government chose not to use its vote to support the investigations on Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The residents of Kenwara feel ashamed at the stance taken by their government on the issue of Gaza and feel responsible for the genocide of innocent women and children in Gaza. About 1800 Palestinians have lost their lives in the attacks by the Israeli forces on Gaza. The Israeli attacks are being criticized globally and Israeli is under pressure to seize its operations in Gaza.

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