Investment In Mining And Quarrying Industry In Pakistan

Mining And QuarryingIn 1980s, growth of mining was depressed by the lack of project resources and the partial demand for many minerals from domestic industries. The growth of mining was outstanding in part to the isolation of the areas where the majority minerals are found, which adds very much to the costs of examination, production, and transportation. Moreover, some of these areas have a weak status for law and order. In early 1990s, mining was of little significance to the financial system, in spite of the presence of fairly wide mineral resources. Foreign companies are invited to offer compromises for mineral extraction.

Minerals contain antimony, gypsum, chromite, copper, bauxite, iron ore, limestone, molybdenum, magnesite, marble, rock salt, and sulfur. Most of the mineral values are found in Balochistan. In 1992, mineral manufacture integrated 8.5 million tons of limestone, 833,000 tons of rock salt, 471,000 tons of gypsum, and 6,340 tons of magnesite. Some iron well enough worth for use in the country’s steel plant, but in 1992 manufacturing was only 937,000 tons.

The Integrated Mineral scheme, managed by the state owned Resource Development Corporation, was got growth in the 1980s, but in 1994 there were as little results so far. Located in Balochistan, the development area controls three separate large gives of copper ore, gold, silver, and sulfur.

Mining in Pakistan has significant potential but its giving to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was only 3% in 2005-06 at recent prices. Mining operations need concentrated cleaning about considerable capital and advanced skills before any phase of profitability could be reached. The mineral projects which are at various stages of achievement are listed

The major objective of the Mining And Quarrying Industry will cover mining and quarrying activities in terms of production, intermediary consumption, and gross value added, service size and service cost and gross fixed resources formation. The MQI 2005-06 covers up institution connected in mining and quarrying activities connecting to origin of minerals and fossil fuels whether solid, liquid or gas, equally in the private and public sectors in all the provinces as federal capital.

1. The main objective of the CMQI will appropriate mining and quarrying actions in terms of gross production, gross value added, employment and employment cost.

2. To gain manufacturing data and the input structure.


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