Investment Banks in Pakistan

investmentThe investment banks differ from the commercial banks and the other retail banks is that, investment banks do not receive deposits nevertheless the commercial banks receive deposits. Consequently there is a huge difference between these categories of banks, for this reason USA have separated both types of banks. Following are the few investment banks in Pakistan;

IGI Investment Bank

IGI insurance limited is a key shareholder in IGI Investment Bank. This investment bank is trustworthy. This Bank is listed on the stock Exchanges of three major cities across the country i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard chartered investment services helps out its customers to invest the firm income.  This bank provides its ideal services to maximize the returns and to minimize its profits. A customer can spend in the categories for the perfect return relating fixed income, government securities, mutual funds and the retail term finance certificates.

HSBC Pakistan

HSBC is received as an energetic investment banking players in Pakistan.  It promotes the capital HSBC investment banking in Pakistan. It focuses on the transaction in the area of project and the financing of exports. The uniqueness of the organization is that most of the transactions are managed cross the limit due to which there is high capability.

Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank has an expert department that specifically focal point on the investment banking services.  This section provides the specific notice towards the financial results through various products which offers financing solutions to the banks clients.


UBL is one of the most experiences banking group in the field of investment banking and it is one of the largest banking group. The specific characteristic of the UBL is that it is consist of a expert team of 19 investment bankers, who have a very standard educational records and they have also experience in Pakistan as well as in UAE.

Al Baraka

Al Baraka is committed to banking industry in Pakistan. The banking services include investment banking and its team actively helps its clients providing financing requirements which helps the clients increasing strategic objectives. As this bank helps according to Islamic Shariah as a result it is one of the trustworthy banks for many of its clients.

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