Interview Candidates Are Asked To Pay Rs. 100 For Process !!!

We all should strictly boycott a recruiting firm, named: “HRS Provider” (Karachi). They invite candidates for the so-called “interview” and ask them to pay Rs 100/- in order to further process their application; which is totally ridiculous and unprofessional by all means.

Please DO NOT pay a single penny to anyone for the job. A Legit recruiting firm NEVER demands for the money from the job seeker. Stay safe and inform others as well. Thank you.

Some people commented:
Couldn’t agree more with this post. they are just exploiting people to make money.

A recruitment agency named solution group called me for interview and they refer me a company. Then they said if u got the job then u have to pay your half first salary u get as our fee. I refused to pay them then they threatened me that they will use there contacts and made them fire me. I was so much tense that i quit that job.

They don’t ask for further process Actually they ask Rs.100 for 12 month registration. Means within 12 month they’ll keep your CVin database for any suitable vacancy according to your CV.

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