Interesting Revenge By Pakistani Employee To Cruel Saudi Sponsor

Interesting  Revenge By Pakistani Employee To Cruel Saudi SponsorInteresting revenge by Pakistani employee to cruel Saudi sponsor. According to source, Saudi sponsor behavior was not good with Pakistani driver. He often abused him. at last he decided to leave the job. Pakistani driver were very expensive for rude Saudi employer. According to sources, Job as a driver for a Saudi family. a Pakistani driver, frustrated by the daily abuses and decided to quit and return to his homeland Pakistan.

Pakistani Citizen decided to take revenge from the owner arrogant. He told his wife that her husband has been constantly lying to her. and when he left house to go abroad for business actually he went to the secret house where his wife lived.

The Pakistani Driver took her to that home. Saudi woman was surprised that her husband was really there with his second wife.  The dutiful driver received five thousand riyals and She approached the court for divorce. The couple had been married for more than 20 years.

Sponsor’s behavior in Saudia is so bad with worker. Saudi Government should take notice to provide overseas workers freedom and healthy environment for work. People want to work in Saudia but due to Saudi Sponsor they avoid to go there.

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