Indian Police Kills Protestor For Protesting against Gaza Attacks

kasmirSrinagar: The violence of Indian Police in occupied Kashmir has intensified since a few decades. Daily skirmishes and violence committed by the Indian police is a norm. The Indian police normally seem to take out its hatred on the innocent Kashmiris, but this time the Kashmiri’s went a notch higher to aggravate the anger of the Indian police. Since the attacks on Gaza by the Israeli army, the Kashmiris have been out on the roads protesting against the brutality of these attacks and expressing their support for their Gaza Muslim brothers.

The Indian army couldn’t tolerate these protest and opened fire on a mob of protestors that took a life of a 15 year old boy. The boy was part of the mob that was expressing their solidarity with their Muslim brothers of Gaza. The martyred boy was between 15 to 16 years old. On questioning, the Indian police merely replied that the mob of unarmed protestors attacked the police which prompted them to fire at them.

Witnesses however deny such claims of any such attempt. The Indian government it seems to be anguished by the undampened spirits of the Kashmiris of the occupied Kashmir, who inspite of their own intense political situation came out to protest against the inhumane Israeli attacks.

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