Imprisonment in UAE on a tweet about Proceedings

Representative: Two year imprisonment on making a tweet against the honor of state. In United Arab Emirates a person named Waleed Al-Shahi had been ordered an imprisonment of two years due to his making of a tweet against the honor of state. Waleed was a resident of Ajman and an activist on internet. He also had been fined of an amount of $137,00.

He was imprisoned because he tweeted on the case that was held in May. In that case 94 persons were arrested as they were involved in a criminal act of planning to overthrow the rule of the government of United Arab Emirates.

In that case 64 people were proved as accused and were sentenced to an imprisonment of ten years in July. However in the beginning of this current month the human rights watch had warned the government of U.A.E that due to taking such actions the judiciary was violating the international laws of freedom of speech.

The human rights watch had said that the only proof that the government had against the accused persons who planned to overthrow the government was only that one of them had admitted that they were going to do so but later on in the court he had refused of it.

The emirate’s senator for human rights had said that after Waleed had been arrested in May and before he had been taken to the Abu Dhabi prison he was taken to a secret prison and was kept there for 10 days.

The agency had said that Waleed in his tweet had raised questions on case of those 94 persons and demanded their instant release as according to him they were arrested due to their imprisoned due to their support for the democratic reforms in the country.

However in previous November the president of U.A.E Sheikh Khalifah bin zaid al-nehyan had presented and order about cyber crimes in which he said that anyone can be put in jail if he tried to violate the laws of the state or stands rebellion against the state by using the cyber net or internet technology.

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