How to Identify Fake Facebook Profile

How to Identify Fake Facebook ProfileFake Facebook Accounts is proving out to be a new proclivity on Facebook. 30-40% of entire Facebook Accounts are fake or still extra; This Number is approximately to be increasing in Future. Fake accounts on Facebook are largely created with aim to Spam all over Facebook and extend Virus. A lot of people make Fake Girl’s Profiles to cheat some blameless Facebook Users too.

There are 10 ways to identify the fake Facebook profile:

1.  Search photos in the profile. If there is only one photo of the individual in the entire profile it creates it pretty clear that the account is fake.

2. Search status updates, wall posts and comments. If the person hasn’t updated a status for quite a long time and hasn’t been concerned in any wall posting or commenting of other statuses, it means that the profile is probably to be fake.

3. See the current activities. If it is that the user has just been adding up randomers and making new friends, and that there are no pages liked or groups joined, it advices that the user is strong-minded in just adding people and consequently the profile is fake.

4. Look into the friend list. If discovered that maximum of the friends are of the conflicting gender, it is able to be presumed that the profile is utilized either for fun or for random dating.

5. Make sure the info. If discovered that no perfect links given regarding school or education organization or place of work and that the user is searching dating and involved in both men and women, it is the clear signs of fakeness.

6. Make sure the birthday . Birth dates like 27/09/1988 or 31/12/XX are general between fake accounts as it is relatively unique and easy to type in.

7. Fake profiles of girls generally have a cell no. in their info. Let’s look it, girls hardly will mention their cell no. in public. So find out if the users expose info that is not likely for users to expose in public.

8. Search for recent wall posts, if you watch loads of people asking…’THANKS FOR THE ADDING….DO I KNOW YOU’……and but no answer of that posts …it is likely to be a fake one.

9. Search general personality used in Facebook, like using applications such as baba fooka, crush game etc…and adding relatives. If these traits are not mentioned among the user, the profile is greatly inactive or fake.

10. If you are damn sure about the profile’s fakeness, and would like to be absolutely sure, try searching Google for some casual profile pictures. Fake profile pictures are generally selected form google and during browsing through it, you may come upon the picture the user selected for the fake account.

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