Hungary Visa Application Procedure From Pakistan

visa of hungaryIf you are a Pakistani who wants to travel to Hungary then you will require the visa of Hungary before you enter the European country. The application process for the visa is detailed on the official website of Hungary.

Currently no online visa is available for Pakistanis and the only method to apply for visa is through the embassy of Hungary in Islamabad.

How to Apply?

You may travel to Hungary for tourist, study, business or for visiting a family member. The procedure for your application will depend on the purpose of your visit but the common steps in every type of visa are:

1) Download the Schengen Visa Application from the official website.
2) Fill the application form
3) Attach the required documents
4) Book your interview appointment in Embassy of Hungary
5) Visit the embassy on the appointment day and submit the visa process fee
6) give biometric data (Fingerprints)
7) Submit your application

By following these simple steps you can apply for Hungarian visa. Remember that the process for permanent residence is very different from this and that requires temporary residence visa in Hungary.

Documents Required:

You will be required to submit multiple documents with your application. The document requirement for Hungary is almost same as any other Schengen visa.

Short Term Visa:

  1. Valid National passport
  2. Passport photo
  3. A valid travel insurance
  4. Biometric data (finger prints)
  5. Tax returns
  6. Bank Statements
  7. Hotel confirmation
  8. Return Tickets
  9. Character Certificate

Study Visa:

Student visa will be for long term (with 1 year validity) which you will be required to renew each year. The document requirement for student visa is same except that you will also be required to submit Confirmation from university or educational institute in Hungary.

If you are visiting to attend a business conference, International Expo or you are invited by a Hungarian company then you should apply for a business visa. For which you will require these additional documents:

  • Invitation from a Hungarian Company
  • Letter from the company you are employed
  • Letter from Chamber of Commerce if you are the owner of the company

Family visit:

If you are going to attend a family event or want to meet a family member then you will also require invitation from the family member. You will also be required to provide details of your relation to the family which will host you.

Fees & Charges:

The cost of Schengen visa is nominal which depends on the type of visa which you are applying for, children under 6 are also exempted.

  • Schengen Visa for people aged above 12 years is 60 Euros (Rs. 7500)
  • Schengen Visa for child between the age of 6 & 11 years is 35 Euros (Rs. 4100)

Time Period:

The time period for issuance of visa depends on the type of visa which you are applying for, usually it takes 15-30 working days. Short stay visas are usually accepted within 15 days with rejected rate as low as 5% for the last year.

Many travel agencies provide services through their agents but many European countries recommend applicants to avoid such services as it is expensive and may result in rejection of visa due to fake documentation.

For more details and information visit the embassy from 11:00 am to 12 pm or from 3-4 pm. Or contact at:
Address: House No 12, Margalla Road, Islamabad F-6/3 P.O.Box
Phone Number: +92 51 207 7800, +92 51 207 7804
Fax Number: +92 51 282-5256
Email Address:

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