How To Save Internet Data In Smart Phone While Browsing

Browsing From SmartphoneInternet browsing is very common nowadays in Pakistan on smartphones and especially after 3G services started by almost all the mobile Sim operators in the country. The dream of speedy internet from smartphones in Pakistan has come true after 3G technology introduced in the country. Different monthly packages have been also introduced from 500 MB up to 8 GB. But the real problem is for those users who use unlimited internet and ended their internet packages soon. The solution of this problem is to use the browsers which can reduce the use of data. Such browsers are mentioned below:

Opera Mini (Android and IOS)

Opera Mini is a browser that specializes in to compress the mobile data. It is quite helpful for the internet users to save their monthly packages and it can be downloaded for Android and IOS  Mobile Phones.

Chrome (Android and IOS)

Google Chrome offer feature to compress the mobile data for Android and IOS devices and help to save internet data. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. After downloading it, click on the menu button on Chrome for data compression and go to Settings. Now enter in Reduce Data Usage option and click “On” option given on the top right side.


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