How To Renew Car Registration In Dubai

Car RegistrationCar is nowadays considered as the basic necessity of life especially in the developed countries where almost everyone has its own car. The travelling is so easy if you have your own car despite of using public transportation to travel. The expatriates in different countries of the world also wants to buy their own car if they don’t have it. But it is not so easy to have your own car because of many problems like driving license, taxes and maintenance of vehicle.

Expatriates from different countries in Dubai or UAE, also have their own cars with them but many of them don’t know the procedure to renew car registration. The required documents, procedure and fees to renew car registration in Dubai/UAE, is defined below:

Documents Required To Renew Car Registration

  • Car test certificate (Passed)
  • Old registration card.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificate.

Procedure To Renew Car Registration

  • First of all, settle the payment of fine if you have any, you can also check the details of fine on Dubai Police Website
  • Visit Dubai Traffic Department or other emirates traffic department for test of your car.
  • Pay the fees of car test.
  • Show the bank clearance certificate if your car is no longer financed by bank.
  • Now wait for your registration card which is valid for only one year.
  • Also take a sticker with the new registration expiry date.
  • Place that sticker on old one probably on rare number plate.

Fees For Car Registration Renewal

  • For car test, 120 Arab Emirates Dirhams will be charged.
  • For registration of car, 340 Arab Emirates Dirhams will be charged.

Important Tips

  • You must have to renew your car registration every year, because it is valid for only one year.
  • In case of new car, particular dealer from which you have purchased your car is responsible for all the formalities for first year.
  • Some insurance companies like Fujairah Insurance, RSA Insurance and Oman Insurance also deals in car registration.
  • Car test is not applied on new cars for the first two years.

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