How to Register at Dubai Government Hospitals For your Baby’s Delivery?

Government Hospitals In DubaiThere are many Pakistani and other national citizens who are working in Dubai for many decades. Due to high paid salaries and stable economic conditions, Dubai is a major hub of different expatriates from all around the world. Many of them are also living with their families in Dubai. So in case of their child’s delivery in government hospitals because of expensive delivery in private hospitals, they must have to register before birth. Following are some steps to register for baby’s delivery at government hospitals in Dubai.

Government Hospitals In Dubai

  • There are two especially medical equipped maternity hospitals in Dubai that are Dubai Hospital and Latifa Hospital.
  • You first have to call the hospital to book the first appointment.

Required Documents

  • Valid health card of expected mother.
  • Copy and original marriage certificate.
  • Copy of passport of both the husband and wife.

Fees Of Government Hospitals

  • The fees for pre-birth check-ups are depending upon the packages.
  • Package for 12 visits with all the routine tests normally cost about AED 2500.
  • In order to know about the packages, ask for brochure from the particular government hospital.
  • Normal delivery in government hospitals cost around AED 700.
  • In case of caesarian delivery, you will have to pay double amount that will be around AED 1400.
  • Extra charges will apply if you avail private rooms, medical complications and in case of twin new born children.

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