How to Register a Used Car in Dubai/UAE?

Used CarsCar is nowadays considered as the basic necessity of life especially in the developed countries where almost everyone has its own car. The travelling is so easy if you have your own car despite of using public transportation to travel. The expatriates in different countries of the world also want to buy their own car if they don’t have it. But it is not so easy to have your own car because of many problems like driving license, taxes and maintenance of vehicle.

For those expatriates who want to buy used cars in Dubai, criteria, required documents, procedure and fees to register used car, is defined below:

Criteria For Used Car Registration

  • Buyer and seller of particular used car must be present in Dubai.
  • Buyer of used car must be resident of Dubai.
  • Sale deed letter from authorized showroom or dealer is required in case of seller of used car is not present in Dubai.
  • Registration of used car should be cancelled if it is from other emirate.

Documents Required To Register Used Car

  • Original and copy of passport or driving license.
  • Insurance policy, if old one is expired.
  • Documents including No Objection Letter, in case when car is financed through bank.
  • Old registration card.
  • In case when registration card is expired, particular car should be tested at the Traffic Department or related car testing departments.
  • Original license plates.

Procedure To Register Used Car

  • Visit Dubai Traffic Department or any other vehicle testing department, with all your documents.
  • Fill in the complete form and pay the fees.
  • You must have to settle all the fines related to that particular car, if any.
  • After submission of documents with filled in form, wait for your name to be called out by the officer.
  • Registration card is valid for only one year.
  • Get the new plates which have to be fixed on vehicle.
  • You should have to send the copies of registration card to your insurance company and finance.

Fees For Used Car Registration

  • AED 50 will be charged for car test.
  • AED 420 will be charged for registration of short number plates.
  • AED 470 will be charged for registration of long number plates.

You can also visit RTA Website for further information or can call toll free number of RTA. 8009090

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