How to Open Bank Account In Dubai/UAE

Bank AccountIn this modern era of science and technology where things have changed as compared to past, bank account has become necessary for almost everyone. Employees normally get their salaries directly in their accounts or receive cheque from their employers. In both the conditions, they must have their bank accounts in order to receive their salary. It is also required by the expatriates in Dubai or United Arab Emirates to receive their salaries, save their money and to send money in their home country.

So in order to open bank account in Dubai or UAE, procedure and documents required for this are given below:

Documents Required To Open Bank Account

  • Original and copy of Passport with residency.
  • A letter of no-objection from the sponsor or employer.

Procedure To Open Bank Account

  • Due to modern techniques and computerized or online banking system, it is very easy to open bank account.
  • Visit any bank of your choice in Dubai or United Arab Emirates with above mentioned documents.
  • Fill the form given by them carefully and submit it with the documents.
  • Some banks put limited balance limit, so check it before opening an account at any bank.

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