How To Get Permanent Family Visa Without Attested Degree

Family VisaSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and its economy is totally dependable on oil reserves. Due to this fact, it attracts many workers from underdeveloped countries of the world to work in Saudi Arabia and earn large amount against their services. Many expatriates from Pakistan and other countries of the world in Saudi Arabia wants to apply for the permanent family visa to keep their family members with them in the Kingdom. But they have to attest their degrees from Saudi embassy of the home country and then from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia, in this regards.

In order to avoid the process of attestation of degrees from the respective offices, there is one way to apply for permanent family visa. So, the procedure to get permanent family visa from Istaqdam without attested degree is given below:

Procedure To Get Permanent Family Visa Without Attested Degree

  • In order to get the permanent family visa without attestation, your profession must be matched with your degree.
  • First of all, go to the Istaqdam office with your degree and all the required documents.
  • Submit these documents to the Istaqdam office.
  • In some cases, they will ask you about the unmatched profession with your degree. For example: If you have attested degree of MBA and your Iqama states your profession as a Computer Programmer, then told them that you have unattested diploma of computer.
  • They will ask you to meet the supervisor and if he will also not satisfied, you can go to their Manager (Mudeer).
  • Mudeer will ask you to present your unattested computer certificate if you have it at that time.
  • If you don’t have the certificate at that time, he will ask you to present it next day.
  • On the next working day, go to the Istaqdam office with your unattested certificate and present it to the Mudeer.
  • After presenting the certificate, you will get the yellow slip for applying permanent family visa, from the counter.
  • This is the personal experience of one Pakistani expatriate in Saudi Arabia at the Dammam Istaqdam, it is not confirmed that whether it will work in other Istaqdam offices or not.

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