How to Find a New Job without Losing Current One?

New JobIn this new age of tough competition in the market, employees of any organization of the world does not sure about their job, that whether it is safe or not. In this situation, it is better for all the employees to search for new job without losing the current one in order to keep it on backup. Because it is not sure that when your employer fire you with or without any reason because it is very common quote that “Boss is Always Right”. Below are some important points that can be followed while finding a new job without losing the current one:

Keep It Confidential

The first and important thing to note while searching a new job is to keep it secret from all of your colleagues whether close to you or not. Because if your employer know that you are searching a new job, it could be bad for your current job.

Don’t Use Office Computer

It is unethical and could be dangerous for your current job when you are searching new job from office computer. If your employer know about your activities on the office PC, you would be fired.

Don’t Mention Work Place Phone Number

It is better to only mention your personal mobile number or home contact information, in order to stay safe.

Don’t Take Leave for Interview

In order to give interview for a new job, it is better to avoid leave from the current employer. Always ask to schedule an interview at weekends.

Don’t Lie With Your Current Employer

If you have to attend the interview on working hours with the new employer, it is better to tell your current employer that you have to do some personal work. Rather told your boss that you have an emergency or any other false statement that could be dangerous for your current job.

Clothing Should Be As Usual

If you are leaving for an interview from current job place, don’t wear extraordinary clothing that put your current employer in doubt.

Online Privacy Should Be Maintained

You should have to take care about your online privacy by avoiding to share your job interview information on social circles like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Avoid Involving Colleagues for Guarantee

Don’t involve your colleagues to provide guarantee for your new job and avoid mentioning the names of your colleagues in order to keep it secret.

Wait till the Final Selection

Don’t communicate with your colleagues and other concerned people until and unless you will get written final selection.

Avoid Losing Current Job without Getting New

It is better for your career to not lose your current job until and unless you will get the new one. If you have lots of work load or any other problem with the current job, try to face it and keep searching new better job.

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