How To Apply For House Loan In Pakistan

hbfcApplication for house loan concerning construction of a house would be applied to the Manager, House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) 1 of the region related. The offices of HBFC are placed at Tehsil and region Levels. The District Manager would offer the loan, which would be as per the salary, age, and enclosed area of construction.

The District Manager would forward the case to the Zonal Office related for approval. The Zonal Office would ensure the application of the District Manager related to its truthfulness. The General Manager of the zone would permit the loan capable of rupees five lakh only or more than that.

The zonal General Manager would provide the case to Head Office Karachi for final approval, if the amount of loan is more than five lakh. After the completion of the case by the Head Office Karachi, the case would be sent back to Zonal Office, and then the Zonal Officer would forward the case to District Manager for essential act.

Applicant would be noticed about the approval of the loan through a letter from the District Manager.

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