How Pakistanis Can Apply For Qatar Visa?

doha cityQatar allows Pakistani citizens to enter the country without any visa as Pakistan is listed among the countries which are given visa on arrival.  Pakistanis are allowed to visit the country for 30 days which can be extended up to 60 days, but if you want to stay longer then you will need to apply for a visa.

As Pakistanis can get visa on arrival if they travel for 30 days, so those who want to go for a short term visit such as tourism, meet a relative or attending a business meeting will not be required to apply for a visa from Pakistan.

Conditions for Visa on Arrival:

You can get visa on arrival if you have:

  • Pakistani passport with 6 months validity
  • Confirmed return ticket
  • Credit Card with financial resources for the stay
  • Confirmed hotel reservation
  • Polio Vaccination Certificate

But if you want to work in Qatar, study in a university of Qatar or your visit will take more than 60 days then you should apply for a visa.

How to Apply For Work Visa?

Qatar allows Pakistani citizens to apply for a work visa but only through sponsors. There are two types of work visa which are temporary work visa or permanent work visa and both are issued only through a sponsor.

According to Qatari Labour & Employment law every foreigner needs a Qatari employer that can be a company or individual. Through him he gets the work residence permit which is commonly known as PR.

So if you are interested in living an expat life in Qatar you will need an employer from Qatar to process your application. This procedure and method is difficult than many other countries in the world or Dubai where the processing a working visa is easier than Qatar. This is why many people prefer travel agents and work providers for the process.

Documents Required:

Once you have a sponsor you will require these documents for your visa application process:

1) Employment Letter provided by the sponsor
2) Educational Certificates
3) Valid passport
4) Passport size photos
5) Polio Certificate
6) Character Certificate from Police
7) Medical Certificate

You should read the employment contract with your sponsor very carefully as the life of expats depends of their sponsors. In case the time period is not mentioned employee will be required to continue the job for 5 years.

Once you receive the residence permit you can sponsor your family including wife and children. All children and wife will require a separate visa for which fees will be charged separately.

The visa process may take several weeks, For more details contact at:
Address: No. 20, University Road Diplomatic Enclave Sector G-5/4 Islamabad – Pakistan
Phone Number: 0092512600958, 0092512270833
Fax Number: 0092512600957

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