Hobbit village to be constructed in Turkey as Shire in Lords of Ring

Hobbit-HouseTurkey will be building houses just like those in Lord of the Rings and those will be available to the visitors for hiring for up to 10 days ‘WOW’ you can actually live in such houses when you visit Turkey and feel the pleasure of being in the world of your favorite fiction story. Well the sad part is that the houses are not completely built yet so we have to wait for some time so that that the houses are completed and ready to accommodate the visitors.

The work on Hobbit Houses has started they are being built in ‘Sivas’ a City of Central Turkey. The Picnic area of the city which is present in a pleasant vicinity, home to mountains and lush green natural beauty will be the place where the houses will be built, initially only two houses, later on the number will be increased to one hundred Hobbit houses. The houses are going to be carved into the mountains which will also have a terrace to enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley.

The local authorities ensured that nature will not be harmed and extra care will be exercised along with precise planning to make use of such a beautiful part of the city for attracting tourists especially Lord of the Rings fans in this case as an entire Hobbit Village is planned in the longer run.

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