11 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

Every place has its stories of haunting. We all must have come across many stories about the haunted places in Pakistan. There are numerous places in Pakistan about which people faced some unusual activities. Here is a list of haunted places, and I am sure you must have heard something about them.

[alert-announce]1. Story Of The Bride At Karsaz[/alert-announce]

karsaz ghostMany people have reported seeing a woman dressed up in red bride clothes on the road of Karsaz, Karachi. If someone passes her, something usually causes them to stop, and she appears as a beautiful woman dressed in bridal red. The stunning beauty waves as if she needs a ride or help and speaking a language no one seems to understand. You will see it start to turn into something else, maggots begin to come out of her face and the hair on the back of your head will stand. Some say that they have been chased by her screaming while others were able to flee without a sound.

[alert-announce]2. The Mohatta Palace[/alert-announce]

mohata-palaceIt was abandoned when India and Pakistan partition took place. This incredible palace is now a museum. Many of the workers claim that things have a tendency to move themselves, from one place to another; claims have been made of lights moving around, when no one is inside. The guards believe that the palace is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj.

[alert-announce]3. Shamshan Ghat Hyderabad[/alert-announce]

shamshan-ghatGuards who work at these 250 years old crematory claims that during the night, children can be seen playing among the graves, they pop out of nowhere and disappear just before sunrise.

[alert-announce]4. Koh-i-Chiltan Peak – Balochistan[/alert-announce]

balochistan ghostChiltan or Chehel-Tan actually means ‘forty bodies’, it has been derived from Persian. According to locals, the legend associated with it, as being haunted by the spirits of forty babies.

[alert-announce]5. HOUSE NO. 39-K, PECHS, KARACHI[/alert-announce]

PECHS-ghostYou will see a light glowing around house No. 39-K. where it might simply mean that someone is living there but no one lives there. Most people insist seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the street and disappearing about 03:00 in the night.

[alert-announce]6. Shireen Cinema – Karachi[/alert-announce]

downloadPeople claims that the place is haunted and voices and singing can be heard coming from the back of the cinema, and shadows can be seen on the screen when no one is there. The cinema has been closed for some time because of these incidents.

[alert-announce]7. Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut – Karachi[/alert-announce]

hounted-hutPeople claim that during the night especially on a full moon, weddings are held by Jinns on this place and people never make it through the night there.

[alert-announce]8. Lake Saiful Muluk – Kaghan Valley[/alert-announce]

saif ul mlukThis place contains the tale of the Fairy Princess who was killed and on same day the fairies return to the lake to mourn the death of the two lovers.

[alert-announce]9. Kalabagh Dam – Punjab[/alert-announce]

Indus-river-at-Kalabagh,-Mianwali,-PakistanPeople claim that a woman is seen, wandering around at night. It is said that she attacks the one gazing at her.

[alert-announce]10. CHOWKANDI GRAVEYARD (KARACHI)[/alert-announce]

night-in-a-graveyardAccording to the people who live nearby, they heard people shouting and apparition have also been witnessed. Nobody dare to visit it after the sunset.

[alert-announce]11. Saima Trade Tower 13th floor Karachi[/alert-announce]

office hounted (1)People claim that it is badly haunted. About 7 to 8 years before a girl was brutally murdered by some people after gang rape. Later, some time 2 people found dead after some intervals. No one knows what happen and who killed them but the floor is sealed. Same people also claim that the 16th floor of the same building is also haunted.

You should not dare visit these places alone. If you have some haunted stories that you want to share with us contact us.

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