Hajj App On Smartphone Offers Information On Transferable Diseases

HajjThe Ministry of Health has introduced a Smartphone hajj app that gives Hajj pilgrims right to use to vital health-related information and resources. Anees Sindi said that the current cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus and Ebola have built “traveller’s nervous.” The Ministry of Health is engaged to comforting those travelling to and within the empire, by making fact-based detail about communicable diseases. We support all those travelling to do Hajj this year to use of the application.

The ministry said that the application is accessible for pilgrims with android smart phones once they seek for “MOH Hajj App.” The application takes in every day physical condition alerts, the location of health care amenities in Makkah and Madina, contact details, tips on controlling basic health illness and a method to create emergency calls for medical assistance. The application also takes in a live Twitter feed that would focus on giving real-time health linked advisories by the Health Ministry.

Extra information draws symptoms of general diseases, tips on what to perform if one shows such symptoms and when to look for medical support. The application also gives guidance on what to perform if a fellow pilgrim contracts a transferable disease.

The application can be downloaded from google play store.

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