Guidelines To Buy Used Cars In Pakistan

Used CarCar is nowadays considered as the basic necessity of life not in the developed countries but also in the underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, where almost everyone has a desire to have his/her own car. The travelling is so easy if you have your own car despite of using public transportation to travel and especially in Pakistan where the conditions of public transport are very poor. Mostly People belongs to Upper and lower middle class, are not able to buy a new car despite of purchasing new car from showroom.

It is not so easy to buy a used car in Pakistan and especially for unexperienced people who don’t even know the basic know how about cars. So, below we have given some important tips for the used car buyers in order to avoid any problem.


First of all, it is better to decide that which car is suitable for you, keeping in view the requirements. Like if your family is small, you don’t need to buy 6 or 8-seater cars like Hi-roof or others. You should have to buy a vehicle which can fulfill your requirements.


After deciding your requirement, you should now have to look on your budget and availability of cars in the market within that amount. Markets are full of both cheaper and expensive cars of different models but all you have to see before purchasing any vehicle, is your budget.

Market Observation

Market observation is very important step before buying a used vehicle and you must need some time for this. First of all, sort out the places where used cars are sold and big markets are ideal to buy a used vehicle. Nowadays, online buying and selling websites like Carmudi, Pakwheels and Olx, are also very popular and best way to buy or sell used vehicles. If you are buying a car from any showroom in the market, you should also check the market trend from online buying and selling websites.


After completing all the above procedure, you can now gather all your findings to buy a car according to your requirements.

Vehicle Inspection

After selecting any car to buy, you must have to check all the technical things and looks of car carefully in order to make it a good deal for yourself. Some important things to check in a used car are as follow:

Damage, Paint and Looks:

It is better to examine any vehicle in the day time because it is the best time to carefully check all the small things in car. First thing is to check whether a car has its original paint or not. You can check the paint of any car by simply tapping the body of a car with your fingers. As a result of tapping, you will find whether the paint of a car is original or repainted because the sound is different in both the cases. Now check the doors of a car whether they are easily opening and closing or not. You should also check the roof of a car to know whether it is involved in the major accident or not.

Interior Examining:

You should have to examine the condition of interior of a car like seat covers, the mileage on the meter and many other things included in the interior of a car.

Test Drive and Engine Checking:

Another step before buying a used car is to take test drive in order to check the pick and all the possible faults. Then you must have to check the condition of the engine. If the area of the engine is not clean and with dirty condition, it means that car is not maintained by the owner. It is better to take any reliable car mechanic with you in order to check the technical things.

Examining Controls and Breaks of Vehicle:

You must have to check all the controls of a car like air conditioner, headlights, wipers and steering. Hit the brakes hard while taking a test drive with speed to check whether the brake calipers are tied up or not.

Chassis and Tires:

Tires of car are one of the important parts of any vehicle because of its contact directly with the road. So check the condition of tires carefully whether they are in a good condition or have damaged or cracked. It is better to take the services of any expert mechanic to check the chassis of car.

Bargaining :

After carefully examining the condition of a used car, now it’s time to make a deal with the owner. Before giving any offer, you must have to minus the amount of maintenance or extra work in a car from the value or demand by the owner.

Transfer of Registration:

After buying a used car with carefully adopting the above described steps, get all the documents of car registered to your name according to the rules.

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