Guidelines About Marriage Law In Dubai-UAE

MarriageMarriage is a social and legal contract between man and women to ensure the rights of the couple and their children, in the religion of Islam. In United Arab Emirates, Islamic Sharia law is implemented and marriage is the only way for man and women to establish relationship and have children. There are many Pakistani and other national expatriates who are working in Dubai or any other emirate and wants to settle down there with their family. UAE law allows foreigners from any part of the world, to marry with Emirati.

In this regards, same religion marriage is allowed in the country and if any Christian wants to marry with Muslim, he/she would have to convert into Islam before marrying Muslim men/women. While if both of them are non-Muslims, then they are permitted to marry according to the laws of their origin country. The spouses are required to have a valid Dubai residence visa. But if he/she is on a visit visa, then should attempt medical examination before marriage.

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For expatriates living in Dubai or United Arab Emirates, marriage is not that easy as it is in other countries of the world. However, the legal aspects for getting married in Dubai are mentioned below:

Legal Requirements For Expatriates To Get Married In Dubai

  • The Sharia law implemented in Dubai, gives the right to the expatriates, to marry in the Emirate.
  • The documentation procedure for getting married in Dubai takes minimum one month period.
  • The permissible legal age for marriage in Dubai is 18 years, for both men and women.
  • The groom and bride should not be relatives of each other.
  • Two witnesses are required for such marriages and they will also have to produce their identity.
  • It is better to contact the embassy of your origin country before marriage for legal requirements.

How Expats Can Obtain Marriage License

  • If you are non-Muslim, then you have to arrange your marriage in the church or at embassy of your respective country.
  • You will have to bring certain documents along with you such as birth certificate, ten year passport photocopies, original passport and photocopies of the witnesses, blood test from Health Ministry, UAE Medical Fitness Certificate, the divorce papers and previous marriage certificates (if divorced) and death certificate of your previous spouse (if any).
  • You will be given a marriage certificate in English language if you have married in English.
  • You have to translate your marriage certificate from English to Arabic from a translator.
  • After receiving both the versions of your marriage certificate, you have to go for certification by Notary Public at the Dubai Courts.
  • You will also require authentication of the certificates from Ministry of Justice and further authenticated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • After the authentication, you will have to visit the embassy of your origin country to authenticate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs for using it in your own country.

Islamic Marriages For Expats In Dubai

  • You must have valid UAE visa of both bride and groom, to conduct marriage as per Islamic rules.
  • The father, guardian or attorney of bride will have to accompany the couple to the Marriage Section of Dubai Courts along with the 2 male witnesses, identification papers of guardian and witnesses, passports and copies of the couple, divorce or death proof of the former wife or husband (if any).
  • If the bride is Muslim and her father is non-Muslim, she will have to produce a no objection letter from her embassy in Arabic, which should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • UAE marriage license will be granted to them after producing the required documents and paying the fee.
  • You will also require to take marriage certificate to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then to your embassy or consulate respectively, for using it in your own country.

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