Guideline & Tips for Employment In Bahrain

BahrainExpats working in Bahrain would search fast the handsome salaries and no personal taxes an easy incentive for giving the hours the daily grind demands. Bahrain is looked upon as a wealth jackpot among expat professionals and most people’s statement experiencing a advanced standard of living with a larger non-refundable income than they kept in the their home country.

Visas are necessary by all visitors to Bahrain excluding passport holders of the GCC States. All other visitors need one of the following visas:

  • Visiting and Tourist Visas
  • Two Weeks Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are provided for stays of two weeks to residents of the European Union (EU), Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Applicants have to have valid, up-to-date passports and a return or forward ticket.

Visa Fee

A visa fee of BD5 ($12) is applied and have to be attained at entry at the Bahrain International Airport.  Tourist visas don’t permit visitors to connect in any employment.

72 hour/7 day Visas

  • Attained on arrival at the Bahrain International Airport. Additionally to a passport, the passenger has to keep a confirmed return/onward trip ticket for the visa application to be procedure.
  • Current Requirements to stay and Work in Bahrain
  • Anyone wants to stay and officially work in Bahrain would require applying for the following visas and permits. Employers are suggested to manage and practice essential documents to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority earlier to the arrival of their employees and dependents.

Work Visa, deposited to and provided by Labour Market Regulatory Authority.


  • Visa application form
  • Employee’s passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Sponsorship Letter: a letter of employment representing employer’s name, commercial registration number, employee’s capacity, employee’s name, salary, contract duration, birth date and nationality
  • Copy of the contract
  • Health record from an official clinic
  • BD100 fee

Residency Permit (Family Visa), provided to Labour Market Regulatory Authority and provided by General Department for Nationality & Passport Residence.


  • Application form
  • Employee & family’s passport copies
  • Employee’s sponsorship letter
  • Employee’s contract
  • Family health record from an authorized clinic
  • BD22 fee per applicant
  • CPR Card (Identification Card)
  • Employee passport
  • Sponsorship letter stating names of dependents
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificate
  • BD1 fee per applicant

Government Employment Service

Bahrain consists no equivalent of the nationwide managed job centers found in western countries, and it’s the accountability of the Ministries of Labour and public associations to handle with employment (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, PO Box 32333, Manama (Tel. 973-687 800)).

Bahrain is attempting to sense of balance the wants to import foreign labour with the benefits of the local population, and companies are powerfully optimistic to take on local nationals where required. This ‘encouragement’ has to be quite healthy, and the Ministries can control the number of work visas issued or transformed to a company to fulfill with a quota of local intake.

Working Hours & Overtime

The working week in Bahrain is likely to differ between 40 and 48 hours, depending on the exacting company’s policy. Workplace hours are generally from 8.30 or 9.00 am to 5.30 or 6.00 pm. Friday is the Muslim relax day.

Changing Jobs

The average expat is in the district because he has been provided a job by a specific employer, who had to see the expenses of employment and moving, possibly for a family

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