Guideline & Tips For Buying a Property In Dubai , UAE

villaHaving in mind the hi-fi living standards of UAE, almost everyone desires to have a piece of land in the state like Dubai. Business men and investors consider UAE to be an ideal place where they think it mandatory to spend money on buying property. If you are also that kind of person, considering of buying a villa in Dubai then following tips and guidelines outlined by one of the UAE’s premier property developers, Indigo Properties will make it easier for you.

  1. Location and Neighborhood: For an ideal home, location is all that matters. Study your neighborhood and location before buying property. Check the availability of transport, school, clinic, supermarket etc.
  2. Credentials of developer: Do some first-hand research about the credentials of your developer. Like the quality of their previous project and excellence in delivery of what they promised.
  3. Quality of property/construction: You need to make sure the quality of your construction like wall fittings, marble flooring, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, and smart home systems.
  4. Size: Keep in mind that your villa must have minimum of three or four bedrooms. That should be spacious and airy providing comfortable living.
  5. View: A mesmerizing view from your room window will add value and beauty to your property.
  6. Service charges: Recurring monthly or yearly expenses like electricity and service charges must be taken into consideration. Set aside some cash for it.
  7. Maintenance standards: Choose a villa complex that uses a reputable maintenance agency. Cleanliness of the community and security are important factors as well.
  8. Amenities Available: Get a thorough understanding of all amenities available that is there a nearby gym, swimming pool or a play ground for your children!
  9. Garden Space: There must be a garden space by your villa for your family to have some fresh air every evening.
  10.  Re-sale value: While purchasing property, it is helpful in long run to consider the re-sale value of your property after a specific time period.

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