Group of Women In Lahore Hold Pink Rickshaw Rally for Equality

Pink rickshaw rally was held by a group of women in Lahore in order to show women equality and empowerment. According to the details, a group of five pink colored rickshaws were wandering around the city which were being driven by women herself for several hours with the aim to express that women can take every challenge.

The rally which start from an upmarket residential complex to the city’s main Quaid-e-Azam library was organized by the non-profit organization Environment Protection Foundation (TEPF). In this regard, President of TEPF Zar Aslam told that rickshaw rally will help people to understand that women are not less than anyone as they can also become businesspersons, owners and drivers of rickshaws too. This step has been taken against those male rickshaw drivers who used to harassed women and think that only male can drive rickshaws, she added.

Zar Aslam also said that it is necessary to be understand by everyone the time has changed and women are doing each and everything these days so they can also drive rickshaw and taxi too. On the other hand, female drivers of the pink rickshaws during the rally expressed hope for the change while claiming that this rally will bring great impact.

Here are the some images of the rally:

Pink Rickshaw rally



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