GRIPS Offers Several MS Scholarships in Japan

The National Graduate Institute For Policy Students (GRIPS) which was established in 1997 in Tokyo Japan. GRIPS is a graduate university that offers international scholarships in different programs.

GRIPS carry out all the international programs only in English so that students coming from abroad should not have any problem in studying. As the students coming from abroad may speak different languages so they have to be fluent in English as to easily continue their scholarship program. Although the students who are willing and are able to understand can take their course in Japanese on the other hand language classes in Japanese are also offered to the students who are willing to learn the language.
The residential requirement for international students to get a masters degree in of only one year and majority of students can fulfill all these requirements of degree in this time period.

The process of teaching is that there will be seminars, lectures and introductions related to the courses. A very friendly faculty is available which would help the students in every aspect throughout the year.

The last date for submitting the application for scholarship of Masters degree in GRIPS is normally November or December and for those students who are self employed can submit it till the mid of May. Admissions would be very competitive for all the students.

Subjects offered for Masters Degree scholarship are:

  • Young Leaders Program (YLP)
  • One-year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP1)
  • Two-year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP2)
  • Macroeconomic Policy Program (MPP)
  • Public Finance Program (PFP)
  • Disaster Management Policy Program (DMPP)
  • Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program
  • Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Culture


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