Grievance Commissioner Cell & Empowerment of Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas PakistanisIn an effort to provide ease to the overseas Pakistanis along with empowering them the Federal Ombudsman ‘Wafaqi Mohtasab’ came up with the Grievance Commissioner Cell, dedicated to solve the problems overseas Pakistanis are facing when dealing with the Government Departments and Agencies of Pakistan. The federal Ombudsman of Pakistan Mr. Salman Faruqi (Nishan-e-Imtiaz) appointed Hafiz Ahsaan Khokhar the Advocate Supreme court of Pakistan as the Grievance commissioner for the overseas Pakistanis initially, who may be contacted via Email at or on the phone at 92-51-9217243 or cell phone at 92-300-8487161. The grievances commissioner cell is located in The Secretariat of Federal Ombudsman which is present at the constitutional avenue Islamabad.

One of the problems which is faced by overseas Pakistanis in a considerable number of countries is the non-co-operating nature of the staff working in the embassies. People living abroad have reported that they had to stand in queues from the morning for the whole day and after a long wait they had to face impolite and non-cooperative behavior of the staff like many people face in government departments of Pakistan. Worth mentioning is the fact that this not the case with all of the embassies around the world, like the embassy in Los Angeles USA is reported to be providing ease to the people along with respect and dealing with them in a polite manner.

Further easing the process online complaints may also be submitted here.

The procedure is fairly simple, the one registering complaints needs to provide their Name, Computerized National Identity Card Number or National Identity Card of Overseas Pakistanis’ Number along with Father’s Name, Passport Number and the issue being faced from the specified department or Agency in Pakistan. The one filing the complaint also have the option to submit evidences regarding their case. Furthermore they also have the facility to choose the grievance from the already provided extensive list and provide the details of their case. If the issue is not mentioned in the extensive list then they have the choice enter it in the complaint form themselves.

If you have registered any complaint online or have contacted the grievances commissioner for any of the issue you faced in regards to the government departments of Pakistan, do share with us your experience and whether staff you contacted was co-operative and responded in time and made sure that your problem gets resolved or opposite was the case with you.

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