Greece Visa Application Procedure From Pakistan

beautiful greeceAny national of Pakistan will require a valid Schengen Visa to visit Greece. The application procedure for Schengen visa will be initiated at the embassy of Greece if that is the country through which you enter of is the only country of your visit.

The procedure and method will remain same no matter from which country you apply for your Schengen visa.

How To Apply?

Currently no evisa or online application process is available for Greece Visa and applicants are required to apply through the Embassy. Follow these steps to successfully apply for your visa:

1) Download the application form from the website
2) Completely fill the form
3) Attach the required documents
4) Visit the embassy to pay the fees

The method will remain same whether you apply for short stay visa or a student visa. The process will remain same if you are applying for family but permanent visa process is lengthier.

Documents Required:

Following documents will be required at the time of application submission:

  • Duly filled Common Schengen Application Form
  • Machine Readable Passport with validity exceeding 3 months to your stay in Schengen countries
  • 3 recent passport sized photographs
  • Family registration records issued by NADRA
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of granted leave from office
  • Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA & attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Return Ticket
  • Accommodation (Hotel confirmation)
  • Proof of funds for your visit & stay
  • Health insurance with medical coverage of Euro 30,000
  • Salary Slips of 3 months
  • Bank statements of 6 months

For a student visa admission form from the university of Greece will also be required along with attested educational documents. The processing time period will differ as per the type of visa. Many people hire agents and travel agencies to get the processed done in less time.

Types of Visa:

Applicant can apply for the following types of Visa for Greece:

  • Airport transit visas
  • Short stay visa (Schengen) visa (1-90 days) It can be single or multiple entry
  • Long stay visa (exceeding 90 days)
  • Transit visa (1-5 days, single or double entry)

Fees & Visa Charges:

The processing fees for visa will depend on the type of your visa:

  • C visa (transit and short stay) – 60 Euro
  • National Long stay visas: 180 Euro
  • Children under 6 are exempted

For more details contact at:
Address: 33A, School Road, F-6/2, 44000, Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Number: +9251 2825186, 2822558
Fax Number: +9251 2825161, 8358985

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