Government Approved Translators In Jeddah

Ministry of InteriorSaudi Arabia is the most dominant oil producer and exporter of the world which owns world’s second largest hydrocarbon reserves. Due to this fact, many citizens of different countries go there for jobs and businesses. Pakistani citizens also go there in a large number to find jobs according to the requirements. The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic and all the documentation made in the Kingdom is in its official language. Just because of this fact, many Pakistani and other national expatriates normally face problems while attestation of their degrees, for family visit visa and other important documentations in the Kingdom.

In order to solve this problem, there are many translators present in all over the Kingdom to facilitate foreign expats by charging some amount against their services. But the foreigners have to find the translator who is approved by the Saudi Government. So here we have given the list of approved translators present in the urban center of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.

List Of Government Approved Translators

Ahmed Zaki Yamani Translation & Law Office

Shakir Building, Room 302, Hail Street

PO Box 1351, Jeddah 21431

Telephone:  642-9551 / 9550

Fax:  643-7510


Al-Hada Translation Center

King Fahd Street, Aba Al-Khail Building, No. 402

PO Box 5296, Jeddah 21422

Telephone:  651-4919/653-1904

Fax:  651-9432

Aref Othman’s Office for Translation

Al-Corniche Commercial Center, 5th Floor, #543

PO Box 3450, Jeddah 21471

Telephone:  644-3400

Fax:  643-7243

Al-Sajini Translation Office

Madinah Road, Sari Street, Hamid Center, 3rd Floor, #12

PO Box 17128, Jeddah 21484

Telephone:  682-0294

Fax:  682-5106

Golden Lines Translation Office

Sari Street, Alfanous Stationery Building, by Marhaba Souk, 1st floor, Office # 102

PO Box 53761, Jeddah 21593

Telephone:  698-8440

Fax:  698-4484

Hassam Najm Translation Office

Bugami Building, 1st Floor, Palestine Road

PO Box 2711, Jeddah 21461

Telephone:  672-4391

Fax:  672-9189

Hassan Al-Mahasany for Translation

Nakheel Center, 3rd Floor

PO Box 2256, Jeddah 2256

Telephone:  665-4353

Fax:  669-2996

Husam Aldeen H. Sadaka Translation Office

American Express Building, 4th Floor, Palestine Street

PO Box 1994, Jeddah 21441

Telephone:  667-1040 x180

Fax:  667-2129

Mohammed Nader Law and Translation Office

19 Abu-Zinada St., Moshrifah, Behind Al-Sholla Center

PO Box 3595, Jeddah 21481

Telephone:  665-2067

Fax:  660-8709


Nusaiba International Translation Center

Adjacent to American Consulate, Palestine Street

PO Box 5320, Jeddah 21422

Telephone/Fax:  665-2747

Translation Office Center

Madinah Commercial Center, 1st Floor, #15

PO Box 12507, Jeddah 21507

Telephone:  660-6848


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