Google, Microsoft & Amazon Paying Adblock To Unblock their Ads

adblock-plusIncreasing advertisement on internet has forced the internet users to block advertisement in order to continue their browsing without any hurdle. But the top companies of the world including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Taboola have found the way to get out of this problem which is causing them a financial damage.

According to a leading international business website, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Taboola are paying most popular browser extension, Adblock for unblocking their ads from the websites. These companies are paying 30% of the additional ad revenues to the owners of the software for unblocking ads.

According to the reports published on the website, such type of ads blocking software were causing great damage to these companies. As advertisement is the main source of all these companies, they have suffered a lot from blocking ads software and have no choice other than that to tackle this difficulty. However this initiative had taken by the companies very quietly, without issuing any news or statement.

Adblock Plus is the most popular free-ads software which is operated by a German company Eyeo. According to the statistics, the software has more than 50 million active users per month and has been downloaded more than 300 million times throughout the world.

By Engineer Waqas Imam. The writer is a freelance commentator; his opinions, letters and analyses had been published in various national news papers, blogs & magazines of Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Bangladesh, & India. He can be contacted at his twitter headset


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