“Going To UAE On Visit Visa To Search For Job”

My brother is going on visit visa to United Arab Emirates (UAE), is it okay for him to search for job? Is it legal? What should he tell if someone at airport asks him? “should he tell them that he is going in search of a job there” are there any legal consequences.

If you’re going for a job search or any other purpose, it’s obvious you’ll go on visit visa. At passport control, it’s better to tell ‘I’m here for a tourism purpose’. Your brother can do a job-search during his stay, once he gets a job; he has to make an exit to home country and then will fly on an employment visa. exit stamp is must on passport if he is coming on employment visa.

No problem on visit visa. However I suggest him to apply online for jobs.

Every day 500k people coming to Dubai on visit visa, half of them for job search its legal and its fine here to come on visit visa and search for job but job market is not good in this time.

Going on visit visa to look for job means spending a lot of money for 5% chance.

It’s better to be all truthful and transparent, job hunt is not a crime and a common practice observed in the UAE, people go there in bulk to try their luck, and many get successful too! Best of Luck.

The above discussion was done on Facebook group.

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