Germany Visa Details For Pakistan, Fees & Requirements

germanyGermany is one of the favourite destination for Pakistani students and tourists. To visit the beautiful European country you will require a valid German visa for which the fees and requirement details are available on the official website of German Embassy.

Currently only the appointment for visa application is online while the complete visa application is processed in German embassy or consulate.

How To Apply For Short Term Visa?

If you are interested to apply for short term German Visa for tourism, professional visit or business trip then follow these steps:

1)  Open the application form for short term visa through official portal
2) Provide your personal details such as Name, Date of Birth & Nationality
3) Provide your employment details
4) Contact details such as address, email and postal code
5) Details of your passport such as issuance & expiry date
6) Provide details of your trip in Germany
7) References such as invitation from a German University, NGO or family invitation
8) Financial Details
9) Now print this application form
10) Attach the required documents
11) Book your appointment through online appointment system
12) Payment slip will be provided by the German embassy
13) Biometric data (finger prints) are collected in the embassy.

This is the simple procedure for the submission of a short term application process. The long term visa is almost identical to this one but the documents requirement will differ depending on the type of visa such as student, family reunion or work visa.

How To Apply For National Visa?

If you want to stay in Germany for a period longer than 90 days then you will be required to apply for a national visa. The form is available for print from the official website of German  Embassy, follow these steps to apply for a long term visa:

1) Download the application form from the official website
2) Fill the application form
3) Attach the required documents
4) Book your appointment for German embassy or consulate
5) Provide biometric data at the embassy
6) Pay the amount after receiving slip

By following these simple steps you can apply for the German Visa. The procedure for permanent residence is different and only those who have temporary residence can apply for this. The documents requirement will differ depending on the type of Visa for which you apply.

Visa Fees:

The Visa processing fees & cost for German visa will depend on the type of visa for which you apply:

  • Schengen visa/Short-term visa = 60€ (Rs.8,600)
  • Airport transit = 60€ (Rs. 8,600)
  • National German visa (Long-term visa) = 75€ (Rs. 10,800)
  • Children aged 0-17 for family reunion = 37.50€ (Rs.5,400 )
  • Spouses/children of citizens of the EU = Exempted

You will be required to pay the charges in cash if you are applying from Karachi consulate while in Islamabad embassy applicants will be provided a slip which will be paid in the Standard Chartered Branch in Diplomatic Enclave.

Time Period:

The processing period of short term visa is 15-30 days while for other application the process may take more time. Many people prefer travel agents as they believe this will reduce the processing time of the application process.

For more details and information contact the German Embassy at:
Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5, Islamabad Pakistan
Phone Number: (+92) (51) 227 94 41
Fax Number: (+92) (51) 227 94 36

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