GCC Recommended New Health Strategy For The Next 10 Years

HealthThe Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC has recommended new Health Strategy for the next 10 years. A meeting of GCC held in Riyadh has discussed the issue of the development in various health systems in the gulf countries. The GCC officials participating from all the member countries has decided to work under the theme of “Measuring Health Systems: The Way to Excellence”. To prevent the GCC countries from non-communicable diseases like Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, officials had revised the standard of Gulf strategy for the years 2015 to 2025.

GCC Health Minister also discussed the common interest topic of fighting drug abuse and in this context, it is decided in the meeting that the 15 year long plan will be adopted to fight with illegal drug trade. The members also approved the Riyadh Declaration on health systems performance focusing on the importance of reviews of the plan by time to time. This declaration contains guidelines and the policies to enhance, evaluate and measure the performance of healthcare system of the GCC member countries and to improve the continuously.

The council members also suggested that Saudi cabinet should pass a resolution to ban the energy drink advertisements in order to prevent people from its harmful effects on health. Health Ministers also recommended the formation of an environmental health action plan in order to preserve the environment in the region.

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