Four Airbus C295W Military Aircraft Sought by KSA

Airbus_C295WThe recent Air Show held at Paris attracted a lot of attention from round the world. The International Paris Air Show is organized on regular basis by a subsidiary of the French Aerospace industries Association. The 51st show is taking place now a days in Paris. Around 2000 exhibitors from around the globe are attending the exhibition. The exhibition is a platform where the technological advancements in the aviation industry is being showcased.

Hundreds of official delegations from scores of countries attended the airshow where deals for buying aircrafts including military aircrafts were finalized. Saudi Arabia also finalized deals to buy four aircrafts from Airbus. The deal was made for buying C295 aircrafts the variant KSA will buy is the ‘W’ variant which is known to be the aircraft with upgraded engine. The C295W has enhanced performance as compared to the other variants of the aircraft.

The major function of the aircraft which will be delivered to the KSA is carrying out transport operations and can also be utilized as a patrol aircraft. The aircraft can carry medium category of weight. The aircraft is capable of carrying max payload of 9,250 kg and endurance of up to 1300 km with the max payload. The aircraft is capable of reaching up to 575 km per hour (311 knots) but it cruises at 480 km per hour (260 knots) at max altitude 30,000 feet.

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